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Silver Package


This package includes a Home Staging consultation which involves an in-depth analysis of both the interior and exterior of the home. A thorough room by room evaluation is performed. As part of the consultation, a detailed written report of our findings and recommendations is presented and discussed with the homeowner and the agent. Various options are presented with respect to implementing an “action plan” to execute the findings in the report. 

$299- $499

Diamond Package 

Professional Staging

Professional Home Staging involves having Sabrina Vogrin Home Staging and ReDesign team of experts transform your property so it is best presented for selling. Typically this involves redirecting, rearranging and adjusting furnishings and accessories to accentuate the finer features of each room in the home. We will give each room a whole new look with additional touches such as the placement of lamps, art and greenery. Home Staging may also include minor repairs deemed necessary or even a fresh coat of paint to make the home a welcoming and appealing property for sale. Often additional furniture and accessories may be required. From artwork, towels and linens, to tables and chairs, Sabrina Vogrin Home Staging and ReDesign  can supply these items as needed.

Price Per Project

Gold Package

Showcasing refers to the ideal placement of furniture, lighting, art and accessories to accentuate the best features of every room in the home. Showcasing is the handling step of selling your house and sells not only the spaciousness and beauty but also the lifestyle the house affords.

Price Per Project
Few people can envision the potential of an empty house.  A vacant property looks cold and bleak, making it difficult for potential buyers to connect emotionally. By adding furnishings and accessories from our inventory, we turn the house into a home creating a lovely first impression.

Price Per Project
Free Estimates
When Home Staging, sometimes it may be necessary to add additional furniture & accessories to compliment what is already present in the home. Our furniture & accessory rental services can provide all the items required to showcase your property to make it look its very best. Our special inventory of artwork, greenery, lamps, linens and furniture will harmonize and complete the professional Home Staging look.

Price Per Project
Free Estimates

Silver Deluxe

Consultation Plus Decor
Need a Consultation and just a few accessories/essential decor pieces?...No Problem! In this package you will receive our thorough consultation package, plus hand picked items to turn your home into sophistication! 

Price Per Project

Gold Deluxe

Showcasing Plus Decor
Need some showcasing and just a few accessories/essential decor pieces?...No Problem! In this package you will receive our strategic and creative plan, in addition to hand picked items to accentuate your style! 

Price Per Project

Restore balance and eradicate the pressure of clutter in your life with Sabrina Vogrin Home Staging and ReDesign Organizing Services. Whether a momentous life event or a move has caused the disorder, or the state of your home office is a blockade to your success, Call Us Today to Simplify you Life!

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