Our Story

Sabrina Vogrin, USC™ has the Honour of Being a Wife and Mother of Two. It was through her employment with her Other Half and Realtor where she gained the Practice in Home Staging and Photogrpahy, which has ultimately led to Sabrina Vogrin Home Staging and ReDesign.

We've loved every minute of our journey! Buyers Look for a Beautiful Place, at Sabrina Vogrin Home Staging and ReDesign, We Make a Place Beautiful! Sabrina Vogrin, USC™

Sabrina Vogrin graduated from Humber College on the Dean's List with Honours in 2006 obtaining an Early Childhood Education Diploma. Her past Healthcare experience in Out Patient Services and Office Management duties have spanned nearly a decade, gaining ample skills working with clients, managing projects and people, and devoting positive business experiences. In addition she is a proud Graduate of The UltimateStager Academy ™ as a Certified UltimateStager ™ and ReDesigner. Sabrina is also certified in Colour Theory, custom furniture sourcing, organizing and set displaying.

Why Us?

As a Certified UltimateStager™ working as a Home Stager and redesign specialist, My mission is to motivate and make a difference in my cleints' homes and lives while simultaneously helping them with the highest and best sale for their homes.

Homeowners earn extra money when they sell their homes making new experiences possible in their lives.

Some travel, others write, and some take up hobbies they've always wanted to try.

I realize that over the years, your home has become a reflection of you and your family. It has character, comfort and style. Everything is how you want it. Everything showcased tells a story...your story!

However, as a Home Stager, the way we live in our home is not necessarily the best way to market our home.

You have made the mindful decision to sell your very valuable asset. It is time to market your home to a mass appeal of buyers. It is time to treat your home as a "Shiny New Car" for sale. That "Shiny New Car" , like all others, must show well to achieve the highest and best sale.

We understand it can be difficult to allow an outsider to come into your home and make recommendations on how your home can appear better. As a Certified UltimateStager™, I have seen many homes and in all types of atmospheres.

By having your home professionally staged with The UltimateStager Academy™ System, we will create the "Shiny New Car" feeling for potential buyers, inspiring them to buy your “Shiny New Car” over all the others. They will want to drive right over and move on in!

As an experienced Certified UltimateStager™ Home Staging Professional, I understand the psychology of buyers! Our focused and honest approach to Home Staging utilizes a proven process that just gets results!